How Many Carbs in Popcorn | can i eat popcorn on keto?

How Many Carbs in Popcorn hey guys today we're gonna talk about how many carbs are in popcorn . now I'm gonna. let you know I love popcorn . I used to work at a theater actually about six months ago. no I'm just kidding when I was 16. I was the guy that made the popcorn and I could make some seriously good popcorn on keto . I remember taking these bags home like garbage bags full of popcorn from my dad and myself. we would eat popcorn when watching TV at night and just handfuls for hours just consuming popcorn right a lot of salt at that time. we use peanut oil now of course they use soy oil and hydrogenated oils it's really really bad if you go to the movie theater and the fake butter and the whole thing but here's the challenge one ounce a popcorn is 28 grams and it's two and a half cups it’s very light so that will give you 22 carbs if we - the fiber four grams so that would equal 18 grams net carbs okay. so we always go with always - the fiber
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