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How Many Carbs in Popcorn | can i eat popcorn on keto?

How Many Carbs in Popcorn

hey guys today we're gonna talk about how many carbs are in popcorn. now I'm gonna. let you know I love popcorn. I used to work at a theater actually about six months ago. no I'm just kidding when I was 16. I was the guy that made the popcorn and I could make some seriously good popcorn on keto. I remember taking these bags home like garbage bags full of popcorn from my dad and myself. we would eat popcorn when watching TV at night and just handfuls for hours just consuming popcorn right a lot of salt at that time. we use peanut oil now of course they use soy oil and hydrogenated oils it's really really bad if you go to the movie theater and the fake butter and the whole thing but here's the challenge one ounce a popcorn is 28 grams and it's two and a half cups it’s very light so that will give you 22 carbs if we - the fiber four grams so that would equal 18 grams net carbs okay. so we always go with always - the fiber this is the net carbs that you're gonna operate off of and the goal is to keep your carbs between 20 and 50 for the whole day preferably below 20 so right there that's gonna pretty much eat up your entire carbohydrate requirement for their whole day so it's not a lot of volume but it's a lot of carbs for the amount that you're consuming and the glycemic index is between 55 and 89 depending on what type of popcorn you use and what you put on it so it’s moderately high so I don't recommend it unfortunately I'm sorry about that because I know a lot of you love popcorn maybe you could I don't know chew something crunchy like pork rinds something like that so unfortunately for those people who love popcorn it’s not a good idea on a keto genic plant okay thanks for reading.
How Many Carbs in Popcorn | can i eat popcorn on keto?

Can i eat popcorn on keto

How Many Carbs in Popcorn HI I'm ginger and welcome to a new blog of can I have these in sellsedo . take it off on a fourth of the week perhaps for corn in Quito no you cannot I have to tell you right away that's not what we're doing here what corn is the queen of grain. I would say to give you an idea even the ones that you can make yourself that has more than 50 grams of carbs per 100 and a GI that is just slightly lower than table sugar. which is between 50 and 60 sugar is 65. so it would spike your blood glucose it would break you out of ketosis certainly you don't go to popcorn depending on the situation though. we have alternatives if the idea of popcorn is the idea of a snack that you have like watching a movie or something like that we have pork crunch for that poor greens poor crackling however you call them in the place you are basically it’s pork skins don’t let the concept drive you away from the deliciousness that this thing is because it's pure protein and it’s been popped and fried so many times that it’s just a cloudy deliciousness here in the UK we call programs the one that it’s properly fluffy and cloudy and pulled crackling the one that still has like two bits of fat attached to it so really depends on your own taste which one you prefer I think the ones that would be more akin to popcorn would Bethe crunch the fluffy thing is there are plenty of flavorings by another salt and vinegar there’s jalapeno we have a few different to friends here in the UK and there are a few more in the US I actually try them myself some of them becomes hair is one of those.